Terra Sigillata

Peter Frishauf, I’m talking to you, as well as all Terra Sig readers who were so helpful on the CD ripping issue last week.

So, if I may be so bold (heck, it’s my own blog, right?), I’d like to ask my tech geek readers another two questions because I can’t make heads or tails from the Palm Treo forums:

1. What is the most user-friendly RSS newsreader for the Palm OS? For those fans of Bloglines, is the PDA version just as good?

2. How do I load new software onto my expandable card instead of the internal memory? Moving photos from internal memory to the 1GB card is intuitive, but loading new software such as the aforementioned RSS reader is vexing me.


  1. #1 Orac
    August 18, 2006

    Don’t bother with new software. Just sign up for Newsgator. That’s what I do. Its a pretty good web-based RSS feed aggregator that has a PDA version. Better yet, for us Mac users, if you use NetNewsWire (my preferred RSS aggregator), you can synchronize all your RSS feed lists between multiple computers and your PDA. Since I know you’re a Windows guy, you can also use FeedDemon to do the same thing, but I have no idea how good that application is.

    I was a little dubious at Newsgator having purchased NetNewsWire at first, but the synching through Newsgator works a lot faster and with fewer glitches than the old method of synching through my .Mac account.

  2. #2 Peter Frishauf
    September 3, 2006

    Go Orac! I’ve heard only good things about Newsgator, although I’ve not tried it myself. I actually don’t use my Palm for reading long posts, so I don’t have a newsreader on it. Reading the news from epocrates downloads fills my Palm-brained appetite for now.

    Regarding installing apps on a Palm expansion card, the answer is that it depends on the app! In many cases, you just can’t and it’s an unfortunate byproduct of the still elegant but very aging Palm OS.


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