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No Mickey Mouse operation

The Burnham Institute chooses Orlando.

First, some big health systems like Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic established satellite hospitals and clinics across north and south Florida.

Now we learn that one of the top non-profit research institutes in the US is setting up shop in Orlando.

The article brought to my attention that this is not the first of such moves by the San Diego/La Jolla contigent: The Scripps Institute recently announced plans to set up a research institute in Jupiter, FL.

I have always been deeply impressed with the quality of research and training at Florida universities, from Florida State in the Panhandle, the University of Florida in Gainesville, all the way down to the University of Miami.

Even some of the smaller schools, like Flagler College and the New College of Florida, have long been sources of US research and policy leaders. US News and World Report recently ranked NCF as the nation’s #1 liberal arts college.

The University of South Florida in Tampa launched the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center in the late 1980s that has eclipsed the reputation of even that of the University of Florida, the state’s flagship university, and is now ranked among the top 12 or 15 cancer centers in the US. Even the University of Central Florida has been quietly recruiting some very top-notch biochemists and cell biologists.

Simply put, the cost of living is decent in most parts of Florida and the quality of life outstanding. If there is going to be an influx of folks, it’s nice to see some younger, highly-educated folks who might be good stewards of the environmental beauty of one of America’s truly unique gems.

Now if we could only do something about the state’s voting policies and procedures…

Note added in proof: I neglected to mention that Retrospectacle’s Shelley Batts is a proud graduate of New College of Florida. Alex Palazzo at The Daily Transcript has also posted recently on the third big San Diego/La Jolla investment in Florida, Torrey Pines.