Terra Sigillata

Carl Zimmer in National Geographic

While sitting at Chez Pharmboi tonight preparing the belated Friday Fermentable, I picked up our Nov 2006 issue of National Geographic. Therein, is a superbly-written, photographically-dense article by SciBling colleague, Carl Zimmer, entitled, “A Fin is a Limb is a Wing: How Evolution Fashioned Its Masterworks.”

The web link provides the text and photo gallery, taken by Rosamond Purcell, but the print edition is worth the price of admission. The story on the complexity of eye development and the conservation of Antennapedia from Drosophila to Hox c6 in vertebrates comes to life in the hands of Zimmer.

Feel free to drop a copy into the hands of any of your creationist/ID friends.

Note added in proof: Afarensis was far quicker off the starting blocks (or just quicker in reading his mail) in sending kudos to Mr. Zimmer and notes further an interesting letter to the editor from a creationist on the origin of humans as bipeds.