Terra Sigillata

Now here’s a wreath that won’t create controversy or get the homeowner’s association after you!

If you’re agonizing over what to get for that hard-to-figure relative, how about a personalized gift wreath for the holidays?


The idea: create your own memorWreath (PDF here).

A nicely personalized holiday gift: supply up to 10 digital photo images and a theme (family vacation at the beach, new baby, etc.). A commercial graphic designer mounts the photos and theme on a lovely 16″ wreath from Maine…all for $45 (plus $10 UPS ground shipping in the US).

I saw something like this last year for over $150 and a local company makes a handbag with a single photo for $99. So, this is a great deal.

Check out the PDF brochure for more information or send e-mail to memorwreath@optonline.net for details (disregard the 30 Nov deadline for submitting photos and orders).

For those of you who are interested in such things, you’ll also be supporting a woman-owned business (a New York City-area commercial graphics professional who took time off to raise her boys and is expanding her freelance work with this new independent enterprise).

Or, if shameless nepotism is your taste, said graphics professional is my sister.