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Redemption in Hogtown

The BCS Championship Bowl in Glendale, Arizona – the Tostitos Bowl….lovely.

Anyway, I have to admit the the opening kickoff return for a TD by Ohio State had me thinking the same as all the critics: the Gators can never win the big game.

Well, I was wrong…in a big way.

Gainesville, Florida, is now home to the men’s collegiate champions in both basketball and football.

Ahhh, to have been slurping oysters and tossing back a few brews last night at the Purple Porpoise….

Congratulations, gentlemen.

And for another take on collegiate athletics, see yesterday’s excellent essay by Matt Nisbet at Framing Science.


  1. #1 knobody
    January 9, 2007

    it’s great

    to be


  2. #2 Matthew
    January 10, 2007

    I just thought I should point out that Florida is also the current national champion in men’s collegiate ultimate frisbee.

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