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i-74929872ab72421f65ec6daa320afe54-Stetson.jpgFolks are probably wrapping it up in St. Augustine at this hour, but I just wanted to send out happy 91st birthday wishes to the Old Lion, Stetson Kennedy.

Anastasia Books invites the community to a birthday celebration for Stetson Kennedy during the First Friday Art Walk.

Kennedy, the 91-year-old civil rights activist, folklorist and environmentalist, authored four books on civil rights and the Florida classic “Palmetto Country,” a social history of Florida’s ethnic cultures and folklore in the 1930s.

(More at his MySpace site with “Stetson Kennedy” by Florida folk music patriarch, Frank Thomas.)

We’re blessed to know the legend and some of his family. He continues to inspire us all.

Happy Birthday, big chief!

(Image courtesy of Florida Artists Hall of Fame.)


  1. #1 blf
    October 6, 2007

    Indeed, congratulations. I must admit I didn’t realise Stetson was still alive, but I’m pleased to see that he is, and apparently is in good health. To Stetson, my best wishes and… Thank you, sir!

  2. #2 The RIdger
    October 6, 2007

    I’d like to second everything bif said. Congratulations and best wishes, indeed!

  3. #3 Monado
    October 9, 2007

    Thank you. I’d read about the “outing” and mocking of Klan signs and sayings, but didn’t know who the brave informant was or that Mr. Stetson was still around.

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