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Nice to see y’all in NYC!

After a long sit on the tarmac at LaGuardia Airport, I’m home from the ScienceBlogs blogger and reader meet-up. Many thanks to all of you readers who came out on Saturday to meet the bloggers at Social Pub, sponsored jointly by Seed Media Group and NYC Skeptics.

The threatened anti-vaccination crowd did not materialize and I had a delightful time chatting with Dr Val Jones of the Voice of Reason blog, Peter Frishauf, founder of Medscape, one of the Medgadget proprietors, a reader named Dawn whose blog I cannot remember right now, and Steve, a pharma/biotech attorney.

Dr Val was totally awesome for make the trip all the way from DC and is as lovely and erudite as you might think from reading her blog. Peter held forth with Zuska and Janet Stemwedel on some fascinating little-known history about Central Park which he has promised to write up for posting here forthwith.

Regrets came from Dr Ivan Oransky, online managing editor for Scientific American, and Scott Hensley, former Wall Street Journal drug industry reporter and current editor and contributor at the WSJ Health Blog. Both had far better things to be doing on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon but we appreciate them checking in with us.

Of course, I also got to meet several other science bloggers who acquaintance I had not previously had the pleasure of making. A brief but very enjoyable 24+ hours – hope to see YOU next year.


  1. #1 Dr. Val
    August 12, 2008

    Aw… It was well worth the trip to meet you in person, Abel! Thanks for the compliment – “lovely and erudite” as well as “totally awesome.” Wow. Now I know we’ll be BFFs. He he.

    Let me know if you’re ever in the DC area… we can have din din at the National Press Club.


  2. #2 yls
    August 12, 2008

    sorry to have missed you 🙁

  3. #3 Zuska
    August 12, 2008

    Abel, it was teh awesome to get to spend time with you again! You are such a great guy.

  4. #4 Dawn
    August 13, 2008

    Abel – you can’t remember my blog because I didn’t tell you its name (since I haven’t blogged in almost 2 years). But it was a lot of fun meeting you, Orac, Dr Val, Bora and many others whom I can’t remember.

    As soon as the kids are settled at college, I’ll look up the anecdotal information re: measles and write something and send it to you.

  5. #5 Abel Pharmboy
    August 13, 2008

    Val, Zuska’s comment reminds me that I was not hipster enough to refer to you as “teh awesome.” I will take you up on the National Press Club invite next time I am in the area!

    YLS, this was more crazy nuts than the last Seed event I came to – we’ll have more real quality time available another time.

    Z, you rock – that’s simply fact. QED and such.

    Dawn, thank you for not making me think I was crazy, drunk, or both. I will certainly follow-up shortly with our discussion about the pharma industry pros and cons.

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