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As I sang the praises the other day about Chris Patil’s contributions to a recent PLoS biology paper and in launching the Hourglass blog carnival, I wanted to post the call for submissions:

Hi all —

I just posted the call for submissions for Hourglass V, the fifth installation of our blog carnival about the biology of aging.

This edition will be hosted by me, at Ouroboros.

Please send submissions to hourglass[dot]host[at]gmail.com .

What we’re looking for:

> Topics of posts should have something to do with the biology of aging, broadly
> speaking — including fundamental research in biogerontology, age-related
> disease, ideas about life extension technologies, your personal experience
> with calorie restriction, maybe even something about the sociological
> implications of increased longevity. Opinions expressed are not necessarily
> those of the management, so feel free to subvert the dominant paradigm. If in
> doubt, submit anyway.

More about the carnival (and links to previous editions) can be found at http://ouroboros.wordpress.com/hourglass/.

Thanks and cheers — I look forward to your fascinating submissions 🙂