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Blogfather, editor, and science journalist extraordinaire, Anton Zuiker, is selling his house.

Tomorrow, they are hosting an open house:

Help me sell my house – invite your NC friends to stop by our open house Sun, 3/15 at 2pm. http://bit.ly/Q8UoZ

Although nestled in tall pines, the home is exceptionally bright and comfortable, and the hardwood floors are absolutely to die for. A perfect location with interstate access, tons of shopping, a great low-traffic neighborhood, all while being in a quite, relaxed setting.

Anton and his wife, Erin, have opened their lovely place to us shifty science bloggers for many a barbecue and I can attest to it being a great place. It goes without saying that the home has some sort of creative energy presence having been occupied by Anton, Erin, and their two beautiful and talented girls.

Perhaps you’ve just accepted a postdoc or scientist position at NIEHS or U.S. EPA? Yes, you could do this on a postdoc salary: this is an ideal house and location for you.

If you’re in the area at 2 pm, Sunday 15 March, stop by just to look at the floors!

Realty listing here.


  1. #1 Coturnix
    March 14, 2009

    I second this. Great house (if I needed to move to Durham, I’d buy it myself).

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