Kansas Guild of Bloggers

Every week the finest blogging of Kansas gathers at the Kansas Guild of Bloggers. This week TfK will be the guildhall.

Emaw from Three O’Clock in the Morning offers a Friday signoff, so go “Leave a comment, and maybe a link.”

Previous host John from the Blog Meridian writes On clarity, a look at where we stand in the fight for clarity regarding torture. Is the Senate compromise/capitulation clearer than the Geneva Conventions? Is it better that the CIA have clarity or that citizens do? “Boy, this achieving clarity stuff is complicated, isn’t it?”

Paul Decelles of The Force that Through It Runs offers some Beetle Blogging. After a visit with the excellent Monarch Watch, we get a look at soldier beetles, a survey of the odd behaviors of blister beetles and the odd chemicals they release, finishing with a look at the interaction between a crab spider and a soldier beetle: “Each creature, whether the charismatic monarch butterfly, or the somewhat more mundane beetles discussed here all have wonderful coevolutionary adaptations to predators, and wonderfully complex stories yet to unravel.”

Finally, I’ll offer my plea for the Benghazi 6, a group of medical workers on Libya’s death row, being railroaded because the Libyan justice system would rather blame foreigners for HIV infections. “Contact your congresscritter, or send an email to the State Department. The public affairs section of the US embassy in Libya can be reached at paotripoli@state.gov.”

The KGB meets at The Force that Through It Runs next week.

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