The astoundingly cynical public

Gallup/USAToday asked:

Just your best guess — Do you think the Bush Administration has deliberately manipulated the price of gasoline so that it would decrease before this fall’s elections, or do you think the recent decline in the price of gasoline has not been due to any manipulation by the Bush Administration?

42% said “deliberately manipulated.” Astounding.


  1. #1 Craig Pennington
    September 26, 2006

    A more credible conspiracy theory is not that the administration itself manipulates at-the-pump prices directly pre-election, but that the oil industry is willing to take lower profits in the pre-election window in order to benefit the long-term profit outlook. But, honestly, over $3 and I was looking for the absolute best bargain to fill up. The closer to $2, the more I’m willing to take convenience over price. Complex causes.

    That said, the fact that the past three years have been pretty good to oil companies does make one cynical.,XOM

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