Hillary/Brownback ’08?

Journal World’s Congressional Briefing points out an Atlantic article about Hillary Clinton, and how Sam Brownback made peace with her. Brownback came to the Senate prayer group planning to talk about a cancer scare, but seeing new Senator Clinton at the meeting:

confessed to having hated Clinton and having said derogatory things about her. Through God, he now recognized his sin. Then he turned to her and asked, ?Mrs. Clinton, will you forgive me?? Clinton replied that she would, and that she appreciated the apology. ?It was an extraordinary moment,? the member told me.

Brownback’s Presidential campaign seems to be stagnating, and it always seemed like a VP bid more than a serious campaign for the Oval Office. Most people figured he’d be looking for a pairing with a more moderate voice, or one who needs help appealing to religious conservatives. Could that candidate be named Clinton?


  1. #1 Jim
    September 27, 2006

    Shouldn’t that be Clinton/Brownback?

  2. #2 doc-t
    September 27, 2006

    okay.. THAT’S just odd enough to…I can’t quite find the words…

    I have this morbid curiosity about how that might work…

    Hey, you’re into modeling. Come up with a math model describing those two working ‘together’ and let’s predict what might happen… there’s GOT to be a publication in that! Maybe Mad magazine?

  3. #3 les
    September 28, 2006

    You’re just trying to scare me, right?

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