Parsons Sun endorses Runyan

“If there were one elected position that should be non-partisan,” explains The Parsons Sun, “it would be for those who serve on the Kansas State Board of Education.” They go on:

Fortunately for the 9th District there are two concerned and capable people running but, more fortunately, one of them is exemplary. Kent Runyan is not just an educator with a highly desirable and broad background. As the senior professor at Pittsburg State University’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Runyan personally teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses.

Better than that, Runyan has an amazing passion for education and thoroughly enjoys the debates that make educators better. He personally developed a mentoring program that helps new teachers through those first critical three years in the classroom, has been invited to present at more than 60 national and international conferences, has authored publications and written books.

Just spending five minutes with Runyan will leave a person convinced that political party affiliation is a non-essential for this position. Intelligence, passion, determination and experience are essential.

My feeling from meeting him was the same, and I really hope he can win in an area that has a somewhat conservative slant. Both candidates are definitely excellent people, but residents of the 9th District would probably be best served by Kent Runyan, teacher of teachers.

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