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The non-partisan organizations of veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan rated Congress. As others have noted, the senate rankings put all of the Democrats above the Republicans, and the same basic pattern seems to hold in the House, at least for the Kansas delegation:

Senator Sam Brownback D
Rep. Dennis Moore A-
Rep. Jerry Moran C
Senator Pat Roberts D
Rep. Jim R. Ryun C+
Rep. Todd Tiahrt C

To see the full list of votes they examined, head over to their website. Bear in mind that Jim Ryun represents Fort Riley and sits on the Armed Services committee. He ought to be thinking of those people he sent off to Iraq and to Afghanistan, and he ought to be taking better care of them.


  1. #1 Sean
    October 25, 2006

    No fair! Ryun has a “Pray for our troops” sign in the window of his house! Surely that must count for something!

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