Jim Ryun: Inventive?

Talking Points Memo’s Paul Kiel writes about the Jim Ryun-Mark Foley obfuscation:

Ah well, here’s a new way of backing off a lie: “It’s probably not the best way to say what he did.” That’s Jeffrey Black, Rep. Jim Ryun’s (R-KS) campaign manager, ahem, clarifying an earlier remark by Ryun that he just had no idea that Mark Foley was his neighbor.

Turns out, of course, he did. And how could he not? Back in May, the two of them held a fundraiser together, during which donors visited both of their houses, which are across the street from one another.

Ryun, TPM readers might remember, has had a scandal-filled year. Back in March, we reported that he got a suspiciously good deal on a townhouse sold to him by the U.S. Family Network, a non-profit front group tied to Jack Abramoff. The group, in a soaring real estate market, somehow managed to lose $19,000 on the sale [when the house should have appreciated $100,000 in value].

Yet another House Republican who’s facing an unexpected fight this election. And no wonder.

No wonder indeed. Jim Ryun is representing DC values in Kansas, when he ought to be doing the exact opposite. He bought “the house that Abramoff built” because he knows that when he leaves Congress, he’ll stay in DC and work as a lobbyist. His interest is not in the 2nd District, nor in its citizens. It’s time for him to go.

Nancy Boyda is a mother, a businesswoman, and a scientist. Those are all experiences that will guide her in making decisions that will improve life in the 2nd District. Do what you can to help her.


  1. #1 MonkeyHawk
    October 26, 2006

    Harry Truman used to say Richard Nixon would lie even when he didn’t have to, just to keep his hand in.

    The “I don’t know Foley” lie is either evidence of Jim Ryun’s stupidity or his mendacity. Had he said ten days ago, “I was shocked! Foley lives across the street from me! The sad secrets some people keep!” it would’ve been an absolute non-issue. But the cover-up, the changing stories, the initial instinct to lie rather than be open and honest… that sounds like a character issue to me.

    Ryun admits in his autobiography that he cheated during his “amateur” athletic career. He lived on under-the-table money, such as his “show up when you feel like it” job at the Topeka Capital-Urinal.

    Okay, so “everybody did it” back then. The status of amateur athletics was absurd and rightfully changed during Ryun’s competitive years. But today in Congress, as in his Olympic races, Ryun runs back in the pack.

    Still, he’s got fundraising ability and has put together a tidy little retirement nestegg should he choose (or not) to leave politics. He’s got a bargain piece of real estate on D Street. He’s been trained for 10 years in “…the business of raising money to get our message out.”

    He’s not in the business of representing the people of the 2nd District in Kansas. That’s work. That’s labor. That’s leadership. That’s management.

    Ryun is a spokesmodel. Nothing more. A spokes-puppet. He’ll parrot any lines from people and PACs who will give him money. He’s democracy’s version of the girl who says, “Apply directly to the forehead! Apply directly to the forehead.”

    2nd District residents deserve a representative in Congress who listens to people, speaks from his or her own informed experience and judgement, and doesn’t spew out lies about stuff just to keep in practice.

    I think Nancy Boyda might be the kind of person to represent the people of the 2nd District. If she’s not, there’s another election coming up in 2 years.

    I’m not altogether proud that the main issue that drives my vote in the 2nd District Congressional race is that Nancy Boyda isn’t Jim Ryun. But Jim Ryun is that bad, that stupid, that manipulate-able, that wrong as a true representative of the people of the 2nd District of Kansas.

    Ryun says he’s “…in the business of raising money.”

    Even the worst liars trip over the truth sometimes.

    Or is that the *best* liars?

  2. #2 Surcam
    October 27, 2006

    Sadly, red Kansas won’t care.

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