A month ago, Jim Ryun’s campaign planted a story about how Nancy Boyda wasn’t a serious challenger because the DCCC wasn’t putting any money into her campaign. Of course, she’s been saying that she wasn’t seeking DCCC involvement since she announced this campaign, but Ryun was desperate.

In response to the charges, the Boyda campaign put a poll in the field. Using sound survey methodology and a Republican call-center in Utah, the poll showed that Boyda was in a statistical tie with Ryun. Two subsequent internal polls and a poll by the state party all tell the same story.

That, combined with strong Democratic candidates in statewide races and Jim Ryun’s ethical lapses surrounding his house and his neighbor, have caught the attention of the national party. Apparently without prompting from the Boyda campaign, the DCCC has started running ads.

Apparently the ads point out how “Ryun ‘voted against a $1,500 combat bonus for our troops, but voted to give himself a huge pay raise ? twice,'” and “It praises his rival, Nancy Boyda, as ‘honest and independent ? the right change for Kansas.'”

Will the NRCC step up for Ryun now, or can they not afford to protect him?


  1. #1 merle
    October 29, 2006

    its fun to see you liberals on the run. jim will win this election easily because kansans dont want a liberal in power. they want strong leaders not limp wristed people who will bend over backwards to let the terrorists win. people who claim to be for the soldiers but are against the war. people who want to foist their beliefs on us like were ignorant hicks like evolution condoms and abortion.

    so what if ryun lived next door to foley its not like he was involved. so what if he bought his house at a discount- isnt that what smart people do? who cares if he will be a lobbyist is their a crime against that? and i bet he does a lot more to support the troops than some liberal would. like he wont undermine what they are doing. he supports doing what is necessary to evil terrorists to bring justice and protect troops and americans.

  2. #2 Josh
    October 29, 2006

    All those polls showing that Kansans like Nancy Boyda more than they do Ryun are supposed to put me on the run? Really?

    You are right that living next door to Foley isn’t a problem. That’s why it’s so strange that Ryun has been lying about it. The house was sold at well below market value, which could make it a large unreported contribution from the Delay/Abramoff criminal machine.

    Those are the facts that Ryun is running from. Too bad he isn’t as speedy as he used to be.

  3. #3 TRACY
    October 30, 2006

    Limp wristed Liberals bending over backwards for terrorists?
    Merle, is Archie Bunker you daddy?
    I’m glad you’re supporting Ryun, merle.

    Ryun’s “base”: as bigoted as you think they are!!

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