Campaign finance

Candidates for state office in Kansas filed their reports today.

In the State Board of Education races, incumbent creationist John Bacon raised $4,500, for a total of $3,146 cash on hand. Don Weiss, the TfK endorsed candidate, raised $11,738 and has $3,283 on hand. Bacon managed to win the primary while spending almost no money, thanks to his ties to the conservative churches. This is a very winnable race, but it will be tight.

The other creationist up for re-election is Ken Willard. He raised $8,070, and has $5,298 on hand. His opponent, TfK endorsed Jack Wempe, raised $27,930 and has $539 on hand.

In western Kansas Democratic candidate Tim Cruz, former mayor of Garden City, has raised $9,873 and has $1,497 on hand. His opponent, Sally Cauble, raised $15,835 and still has $10,226. Both candidates are good, but Cauble is more likely to win, and whatever she doesn’t spend now will help her when she has to fight off a creationist in 4 years.

In the 9th district, Jana Shaver raised $8,550 and has $2,197. Kent Runyan raised $6,364 and has $630. I think either candidate could win, and I’d like to see Kent Runyan win, if I had a choice.

Incumbent loonie Attorney General Phill Kline raised $613,777 and has $94,209 on hand. Paul Morrison, his valiant opponent, raised $1,254,300 and has $111,685 on hand. This race will go down to the wire.

The governor’s race, however, will not. Kathleen Sebelius raised $2,170,500 and still has $183,666 on hand. Jim Barnett raised $670,701 and has $88,040, of which $110,000 is a loan to himself.

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