Thanks given

Over the last two years Thoughts from Kansas went from a blip on the side of the infotainment highway, to a privileged place in the political and scientific blogosphere. We started writing occasional complaints about the political abuse of scientists and comments on the culture wars.

Then we tangled with a Christian Reconstructionist who wanted a seat in Congress. And we beat him.

We took on creationists on the Board of Education to defend quality science standards, and this August, we won. We took on the Republican Congress and its excesses, especially as represented by Jim Ryun. And against all odds, we won.

I mean it when I say “we.” What I sought to do was only possible with the help and support of my community of readers. We all helped raise political, social, scientific and cultural issues that had been ignored, and we all worked together to put them into the general discussion.

I don’t think it’s an accident that turning Kansas into a major producer of wind power, which was long a part of this site’s vision of the future of Kansas, is at the top of Governor Sebelius’ agenda for her second term. Not because I think the Governor reads this site, but because people like you, dear reader, have made this issue matter, and the people in power heard.

This has been an incredible journey thanks to the community of people who interact here, and I want to thank you all for your help, support, and thoughts. This wouldn’t have happened without you.

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