Every week, the KGB gathers to promote the finest of the Kansas blogosphere. The original KGB is back in the news this week with the recent assassination of a former spy in Britain. Non-Kansan Effect Measure reviews the effects of polonium-210, while Kansan j.d. discusses the story some more.

It isn’t quite polonium-210, but Emaw’s lesson learned about nut allergies is still pretty scary.

Paul Decelles strikes a decidedly non-lethal tone in an appreciation of sunset in the wetlands, while also reviewing a tiff among allies.

I weighed in on with my thoughts on that tiff, once with a link to fellow Kansan Pat Hayes and his discussion of the brouhaha.

Hayes also has the story of the spiking of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape by Peter Hedges even though the spiker hadn’t, you know, read the book.

Meanwhile, John Buass takes a walk along his stretch of river.

And I passed on my thanks to my excellent readers.


  1. #1 Albatrossity
    November 29, 2006

    Hey, Grady

    You still have some unanswered questions over on the “Good Riddance” thread. You don’t want to become known as a hit-and-run troll, do you? So why don’t you just trot on over there and deal with your unfinished business?

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