Fighting the war on terror, almost

Via Uncertain Principles, we learn that dangerous terrorist Robert Weiler has pled guilty. So far as we know, the guilty plea is not the result of torture, illegal warrantless wiretapping, invasion of randomly chosen countries, denial of habeas corpus, or any other of the many sacrifices we’ve been asked to make on behalf of the War on Brown People Terror?.

United States Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein explains, “Mr. Weiler’s misguided plan to murder doctors and bomb an abortion clinic could have resulted in deaths or serious injuries. Outstanding investigative work by ATF, the Maryland State Police and the Prince George’s County Police prevented a tragedy.”

Weiler surrendered to the ATF after speaking to them on the phone while they interviewed a friend who was concerned about him. He was found in possession of a firearm which he had stolen, and could not legally possess because of a prior felony. After being taken into custody, “Weiler advised agents that he was going to use the pipe bomb to blow up an abortion clinic located in Greenbelt, Maryland and that he was going to use the gun to shoot doctors who provided abortions. ATF agents and Prince George?s County Police officers discovered the pipe bomb – consisting of a 1″ diameter galvanized pipe, end caps, a length of pyrotechnic fuse and black powder – in a first floor closet at the Riverdale home where it had been hidden by Weiler.”

D’nesh D’surrendermonkey almost observed “that the American left bears a measure of responsibility for the volcano of anger from the [Christian] world that produced [Weiler’s] attacks. ? I also argue that the policies that U.S. ‘progressives’ promote around the world — including abortion rights, contraception for teenagers and gay rights — are viewed as an assault on traditional values by many cultures, and have contributed to the blowback of [Christian] rage.” He then called for Roe v. Wade to be repealed.

President Bush almost said: “All Americans must recognize that the face of terror is not the true faith — face of [Christianity]. [Christianity] is a faith that brings comfort to a billion people around the world. It’s a faith that has made brothers and sisters of every race. It’s a faith based upon love, not hate.”


  1. #1 Colugo
    January 30, 2007

    Right, Robert Weiler is very much like al-Qaeda and other radical Islamic militants (Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, Janjaweed, Abu Sayyaf, GSPC…) in that 1) his terrorism is motivated by a highly reactionary and intolerant ideology, 2) his goals and methods make him wholly unsympathetic and unrighteous.

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