Primary season

It never ends, does it. KC mayoral candidates are on TV. I confess I haven’t watched those races at all. Read Tony or whatever to find out who’s who.

I’m with Red Letter Day on the Lawrence City Council elections. You get to vote for 3 candidates, the top six votegetters go on to the general election:

Dennis ‘Boog’ Highberger
David Schauner
Carey Maynard-Moody

This is the progressive group of candidates. The handy-dandy LJ World candidate selector says those are the candidates whose statements I liked best.

In Johnson County, you get to vote for the JCCC Board of Directors. TfK’s good friend Don Weiss, who went up against John Bacon in the School Board elections, is running. The rules are the same as the Lawrence election: pick three and the top six go on to the general election. Mousie Cat’s list looks pretty reasonable:

Don Weiss
Lynn Mitchelson (incumbent)
Jon Stewart

All have been endorsed by the JCCC Faculty Association, and are reportedly good people.

Vote Tuesday.

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