78 Republicans opposed a bill placing a 120 day limit on interim appointments of federal prosecutors. The bill removes a provision slipped into the USA/PATRIOT act which allows the President to name interim prosecutors without going through the Senate confirmation process. That provision allowed the replacement of federal prosecutors with political allies of the White House, prosecutors more willing to target Democrats. The new prosecutor in Arkansas is a Rove protege whose background is in opposition research for the RNC.

As others have observed, think what an oppo researcher with the power of a grand jury could do to candidate Clinton and anyone else who opposes the Rove machine.

Congresswoman Boyda and Congressmen Moran and Moore supported revising the provision that allowed the offices of federal prosecutors to be used as political toys.


  1. #1 Fastlane
    March 28, 2007

    Well, I just hope that a Democratic candidate wins in ’08, and I hope they gain even more control of the house and senate. it will be fun to watch the Repugs scramble to undo all the changes they have made in pandering to the Shrub administration.


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