End of Quarter push

Today is the last day of the FEC’s fundraising quarter. Your favorite Congresscritters and candidates will file forms based on how much money they’ve raised and spent as of today, and what those numbers look like will shape perceptions of the races in 2008.

If you’ve got a favorite in the Presidential races, today is a good day to drop some money on that candidate. But this deadline is more critical for Senate and especially House races.

Nancy Boyda has been working hard to represent her constituents, constituents who had forgotten what it meant to have a representative who cared. The Republicans have rolled out their slime machine, and they want that seat back. They’ve attacked her with lies and by smears of popular bills she’s supported which punish official corruption, protect workers’ rights, protect our soldiers and push for a sane end to the occupation of Iraq. She’s been a little conservative for a lot of people’s tastes, but that fits the district.

I also want to point out the importance of Jerry McNerney. He’s a businessman and a scientist, with a background in renewable energy production. He also managed to unseat the execrable Richard Pombo, derailing the former Rep.’s jihad against endangered species. He’s one of the GOP’s top targets, right up there with Nancy. Please help them if you can.


  1. #1 Daprez
    March 31, 2007

    Just had to get that word “jihad” in there didn’t ya…

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