Lies and the lying liars

Bounce Boyda thinks Bancy broke this promise:

Nancy Boyda stood in front of a camera, taped a commercial, and ran it on the air. On the commercial she said, “I’m not going to raise your taxes.”

Bounce Boyda, like the RNC and the Kansas GOP, are using a definition of “raising taxes” very different from what you or I might mean by the term. All that this budget vote did was to leave taxes unchanged. All the supposed tax increases were approved by the Republicans as part of the Bush tax plans. As a ploy to make the damage to the budget less obvious, they didn’t make permanent changes to tax policy, they just lowered certain rates for a short period of time. Long enough to buy some votes, but not so long that they wouldn’t revert to the old rates under the next president (thus yielding a handy issue for 2008).

These rate hikes are Republican tax hikes. A decision not to reverse Ryun, Tiahrt and Moran’s bad decisions is not a tax increase.

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