Bounce Boyda is very excited. The found a small error in my comments about Congresswoman Boyda. I stated that yesterday was the end of the fundraising quarter when today is the end. That means you can still donate.

This error inspired an error-laden post from them, a post filled with misspellings (“dillusion?”) and their own fantastical imaginings about what Congress has done.

Contrary to what BB claims, there never were votes to cut military base spending, to raise taxes, or to take away secret ballots. The tax rate changes were part of the bills that the Republican Congress passed, the budget that this Congress just approved simply leaves those Republican rules in place, which allows a balanced budget. Bush and Republicans like Ryun put those sunsets into the tax law to fudge the books and sell a tax shift from the wealthy to the middle-class. Nancy Boyda deserves credit for working to ensure that tax policy matches spending priorities. She voted to restore rules requiring that Congress not spend money it doesn’t have, and voted for a return to balanced budgets. Working to reverse the massive debts that Jim Ryun ran off and left the nation with will take time, but Boyda’s making progress.

Boyda also deserves credit for fixing problems that Ryun and his colleagues left regarding base spending and the general budget situation. The last Congress failed to pass critical appropriations measures, and the new Congress is working to catch up on the work the last Congress blew off. Some of the measures that the last Congress was supposed to pass, but never got around to between boinking pages, would have allocated funds to upgrade Fort Leavenworth and Fort Riley. Nancy Boyda has worked with the Armed Services committee and the appropriators to get that funding restored; some of it was in the Iraq supplemental that Moran and Tiahrt opposed, and which President Bush says he’ll veto. Bounce them if you want to protect troops in the field.

As for the secret ballot, the vote on contracts will still be secret, the process of registering to vote will now be free of coercion by management, the same way we administer the secret ballot for public office.

Finally, I’d like you to clarify a point. Given that a majority of Americans support the policy on Iraq Bounce Boyda characterizes as “liberal,” I’m not sure if they think the majority of Americans are liberal, or if that was also an error?

Ultimately, I think being a day off is a much smaller error, since it just gives you all one more day to support an effective Representative who is going to have to deal with a whole lot of these lies.

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