See Flock of Dodos and talk with the director on May 7 at 7:30:

Randy Olson, the filmmaker behind ‘Flock of Dodos,’ is the featured Watkins visiting professor, May 7-8 at Wichita State University. A question and answer panel discussion will follow the movie. Panelists will include Olson; Les Anderson, associate professor of communication; Niall Shanks, Curtis D. Gridley Distinguished Professor of the History and Philosophy of Science; and Phil Shull, pastor, University United Methodist Church. Members of the audience may ask questions of the panel.

Be there. Even creationists seem able to find something in the film to enjoy, though Olson’s message is best understood as a call to improve the effectiveness with which scientists respond to antiscience.

TfK might try to make it down there, depending on many, many factors beyond our control at the moment.

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