When Kurt Vonnegut passed away, I pointed out that the Bokononist mantra “Busy, busy, busy” is one that I find useful in my own life, especially this week. So it goes. The Kansas Guild of Bloggers, normally put online on Monday, is thus appearing on Friday, and incorporates only submissions to the blogcarnival.com system. Heck, I’m even using their boring “instacarnival.” I’m sure there’s been a bunch of good stuff out there that I’ve missed, and I apologize.

Next Monday it’s at Paul Decelles’ place. Submit!
John B. presents A stretch of river XXXV: “Here comes a frame-house down on the west side.” posted at Blog Meridian.
John B. presents Rembrandt, Portrait of a Young Man posted at Admiring Baroque Art, saying, “A bit of shameless self-promotion for the new blog, but also about a painting at the Nelson-Atkins that I’m particularly fond of.”

emawkc presents Three O’Clock in the Morning: Book Report: The Road posted at Three O’Clock in the Morning.
That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the kgb using our carnival submission form.


  1. #1 Paul Decelles
    April 30, 2007

    I will be accepting entries up through Monday at midnight for posting on Tuesday evening.

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