On the Road

That title is not an homage to Kerouac, but to Cormac McCarthy and to John Buass, who I finally met on Friday and who tried hard to convince me, Mike Silverman, and anyone else in earshot, that The Road is not that dark.

The title is also an accurate description. By the time this post publishes, I should be somewhere past Topeka, following roughly the route shown in the new temporary banner. I’ll only have intermittent ‘net access, so may or may not check the comments to get your advice, but feel free to suggest brief diversions the parents and I might encounter as we wend our way westward over the next few days.

The Garden of Eden, in Lucas, KS, is on the agenda, and if you ever drive through Kansas on I-70, you’d be a fool not to visit that extraordinary testament to human strangeness. Beyond that, our agenda is fairly loose, other than hours and hours of driving in an overstuffed car. Any readers along the route who’d like to meet are encouraged to leave a comment and we’ll see what we can do.


  1. #1 bruce in oz
    July 30, 2007

    you should stop and see my cousins fossil museum, 26 miles south of oakley near monument rocks. his brother, orville bonner was the curator of the fossil museum at ku for a lot of years. chuck and barb (his wife) bonner run the keystone museum located in the middle of nowhere, about 6 miles from monument rocks. their father was marion bonner, a well known paleontologist.

    good luck on your trip.

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