Sciencebloggers amok

After much planning and coordinating, our munificent overlords at Seed arranged to bring a substantial fraction of the gang here at Scienceblogs together in New York last weekend. Beyond the drinking, the carousing, and the karaoke, it was a great chance to see the other Sciblings and talk science, blogging, and to trash the Sciblings who didn’t show up.

I’ll have pictures online in a few days, but for now, Bora has some photographic evidence that I moderated a discussion about science and politics. Rob Knop and PZ Myers sat at a table and got along marvelously. The word “framing” even came up, yet we all made it out alive. The discussion was filmed, and excerpts will be posted somewhere around here over the next few months.

In the course of the weekend I also met the gangs from (in no particular order) Living the Life Scientific, Neurontic, The Intersection (both Chris and Sheril), Shifting Baselines, Page 3.14 (Katherine and Ginny), Cognitive Daily (both Mungers), Adventures in Ethics and Science, The Questionable Authority, Highly Allochthonous (which name I pronounced correctly, unlike others), Evolutionblog, Neurotopia, Aetiology, Uncertain Principles, Island of Doubt, The Loom, Denialism, Good Math/Bad Math, Neurophilosophy, Pure Pedantry, Chaotic Utopia, Kevin Beck of Doc Bushwell’s Chimpanzee Refuge, Respectful Insolence, Gene Expression, OmniBrain, Thus Spoke Zuska, Evolgen and Retrospectacle.

Somehow Manhattan and our livers all survived the weekend.

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