Odd things you hear on the radio

If I heard right, the radio offered an unusual explanation for a local traffic disruption. I was still only half awake, so it’s possible that I misheard or misunderstood, but I believe that a mass exodus of slugs was said to be interfering with the morning commute.

I made it in safely.

An attempt to verify this with Google mostly turned up complaints from Britain about their wet summer and the slug infestations which have destroyed people’s gardens. No mention was made of dangers to drivers.

One Welsh paper managed to see the silver lining, pointing out that the bounding invertebrate populations could help stabilize populations of hedgehogs, which were recently listed as a threatened species in the British Isles.

Tonight: Hedgehog biology.


  1. #1 Doc Bill
    September 5, 2007

    Sounds like a serious problem!

    I was once caught in a swarm of giant grasshoppers while crossing the Everglades. We had to stop the car and clean the windshield with our hands and the road became slick like ice, not to mention yellow. The swarm was about two miles wide.

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