Changing of the Guard

Just as I was leaving Kansas, I managed to convince the excellent Chris Mooney to head out and give a talk in Hays. He’s arrived safely, and will be talking about climate change out there tonight.


  1. #1 Brian
    October 15, 2007

    Josh…thanks for talking to Chris and convincing him to come to Hays and talk about his new book. Obviously it isn’t every day we get that type of opportunity and it is highly appreciated.

  2. #2 Brian
    October 15, 2007

    And…I like your profile pic…are you skinning a Sorex? If you can see what you’re doing you better add more corn meal!

  3. #3 Cheryl Shepherd-Adams
    October 16, 2007

    Thanks billions and billions, Josh! I promise, next time you’re through here, we owe you lunch. Or dinner. With beer. Lots of it!

    Chris proved to be a huge draw for this area; almost 200 (okay, 197 to be exact) Kansans turned out to learn more about hurricanes. The questions at the open mic following Chris’ speech were well-informed, and showcased his talent for conveying the complex scientific & political issues to the public.

    Onward & upward!

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