Jim Ryun responds to the Interwebs

When told that Jim Ryun’s fanboys have established a Second Life outpost for the former track star and ex-Congressman:

Ryun?s campaign spokeswoman was downright wary. ?We don?t condone or support it. I don?t think we?re going to look at it anytime soon,? said Jackie Harrison. ?It?s intense. You have to download something.?

Once upon a time, Jim Ryun was the fastest man on the planet. In 1967, he ran 1500 meters in 3:33.1, a record which stood for 7 years. He worked hard to get the level of talent and skill that took, and went to three Olympic games along the way. I imagine that was pretty intense.

Now, downloading software is too much trouble for him. Luckily, the second district of Kansas has a representative willing to put in a hard day’s work on behalf of her constituents.


  1. #1 Matt Platte
    November 8, 2007

    Meh, she may work but she didn’t vote to impeach the vice president. (My representative didn’t either.)

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