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Translating from ID to English

IDolator MikeGene is confused. On considering mice in which a change in enzyme production results in fast running and a longer sex life, Gene makes two comments which do not make sense in conventionally spoken English. First: Here is an example where the traits of aggression, hyperactivity, skeletal muscle histology, and even fecundity were altered,…

What Cosma says

“The object of torture is torture”. No Attorney General is better than an AG who doesn’t understand that, and won’t stand up for basic humanity.

Leslie Orgel, RIP

Origins of life researcher Leslie Orgel died a few days ago. He was trained as a chemist, and had produced a number of important insights into the likely paths toward the origins of self-replication. His greatest cultural impact probably came from the promulgation of “Orgel’s Rules,” especially the second: “Evolution is cleverer than you are.”…