At DailyKos, known outpost of optimism, brownsox considers the National Review Online’s argument that Obama is a Communist half-Jew and, rather than banging his/her head repeatedly into a wall, simply concludes:

Well, at least they’ve abandoned the “Muslim” thing…

This is the power of hope. It is undoubtedly bolstered by Senator Obama’s fairly resounding victory in Hawaii (predictably) and Wisconsin (against longer odds). Turnout in Wisconsin was higher than it’s been in four decades, despite fairly atrocious weather there.

Meanwhile, Michael Berubť considers the Clinton campaign’s strategy, finds it lacking, and offers some suggestions. What should they do if this brilliant advice fails?:

Failing that, Mark Penn can lament that no one anticipated the breach of Super Tuesday, and that the campaign has actually been doing a heckuva job.

It?s sad, really. As I?ve said before, I have no animus against Hillary Clinton, and I don?t believe that Barack Obama is the chosen one who can bring balance to the Force, end the war with the machines, and destroy all of Voldemort?s horcruxes. But Hillary really is surrounded by the gang that can?t shoot straight, and for some reason I?ve grown leery of politicians who don?t fire incompetents.



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    February 20, 2008

    Me, too.

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