Too stupid for words

If you make a movie that falsely claims there’s a massive conspiracy to expel dissenting voices, it’s probably unwise to then expel dissenting voices.

And if you are going to pass photographs around to security guards and instruct them that certain people are threats to your movie, and must be expelled, you might as well have the guards be on the lookout not only for PZ Myers, an innocuous professor from a small liberal arts college in the backwoods of Minnesota, but also for the biologist, best-selling author of numerous books, and TV star Richard Dawkins. Just on the off chance that Dawkins will be in town at a prominently advertised conference for atheists and accompanying the mild-mannered professor to a screening of the hack movie you tricked both men into appearing in.

Not that you would ever do such a thing. But the producers of Expelled: No Intelligence sure did.


  1. #1 ckennedy
    March 22, 2008

    HYS-terical. They make it way too easy.

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