I haven’t written a lot here about Expelled: No Intelligence. It’ll be a crappy movie, and all the PR in the world won’t change that. All the whining about PZ Myers, and criticism of his desire to see the movie he’s featured in won’t make the movie any better. Plus, I’m helping develop NCSE’s response to Expelled, and I don’t want to tip our hand.

That said, I will predict that Mike Huckabee’s endorsement will not save the movie. By all accounts it is boring, and everything I’ve seen from the producers and writers has been laced through with inaccuracies. I doubt the movie is any better.

Plus, Ben Stein is totally played out. As a friend recently said “I thought everyone knew that beneath the MTV-hop thing was a fucking troglodyte.”


  1. #1 J
    March 31, 2008

    I couldn’t even watch the clip after two seconds. Gee, what a surprise, an anti-evolution politician who wants the Constitution to be in line with “God’s law” supporting Expelled. Wonder if Sam Brownback, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, and Ron Paul will be next.

  2. #2 Jason Failes
    April 1, 2008

    Eugene Levy would be great narrator for a science themed rebuttal: “Flunked: No Wild Fact-less Speculation Published”

    I just finally got around to seeing American Pie. His character’s parental approach to sex-ed is very secular humanist: Very honest and tries to be very helpful, even at the cost of a boatload of awkward moments.

    Oh, and he’s funnier than Stein, too. Not sure what his personal religious views are, though…

  3. #3 J
    April 1, 2008


    That would be great, plus Levy has done satire that’s actually funny: Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, etc. I don’t know about his views either, but I’m betting his co-star Harry Shearer would skewer the IDiots in a heartbeat (listen to his radio show Le Show).

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