Give to the Red Cross

The Washington Post reports that the Red Cross has fallen on hard times:

The American Red Cross said yesterday that it has depleted its national disaster relief fund and is taking out loans to pay for shelters, food and other relief services across seven Midwestern states battered by floods.

The Bush economy and high gas prices have led people to reduce their donations as floods and tornados have swept across the nation. As a result “The disaster relief fund today is completely depleted. The balance is zero,” according to Jeffrey Towers, chief development officer for the American Red Cross.

The solution is simple. Go to, click on donate, enter your information, and choose a number for your donation. I picked $100 because it was nice and round, but the number you put in there may be different. Some people have fewer resources than I do, and should put in less, others have more, and should give more. But each of you should give something, because they people the Red Cross is trying to help have lost everything. Floods destroyed homes they invested their lives in, and washed away photos, clothes, mementos and everything else they had.

So dig deep, and figure out what you can spare, and give it to the Red Cross. And when you have time, click the button at that says “Give Blood,” and figure out where your nearest donation center or blood drive is. Giving blood is cheap, it’s easy, it can save up to three lives per donation, and it’ll make you feel good afterward.


  1. #1 MyaR
    June 17, 2008

    Thanks for posting this. It’s too easy to forget about making contributions like this, so it’s good to have a reminder. Sad how bad it’s gotten, though. Since gas prices don’t affect me much (living in NYC and taking public transit everywhere), I’m going to figure out what an average impact would be and set up a regular donation. At least offset one or two people who may no longer be able to give. (I’m a regular reader, but haven’t commented before.)

  2. #2 Size
    June 17, 2008

    It’s easy for those of us who are comfortable to ignore just how extensive the effects of rising fuel costs are. For me, the Red Cross has always seemed to be one of those organizations that is always there, always ready and able to help. And thanks to your reminder, I’m now helping to see that they stay that way.

  3. #3 Nick
    June 17, 2008

    We all know from the Katrina that the Red Cross applies funds where it wants.

    Lets be up front about that.

  4. #4 DaPrez
    June 18, 2008

    Don’t forget it also is important to give your time as well as your money. Volunteering for the Red Cross is not the easiest thing to do but it is very rewarding and volunteers are in even shorter supply than money.
    Sign up, Train Up, and start giving a helping hand.

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