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Joan Walsh wonders: “Are Kaine and Bayh the best Obama can do?” No. Conventional wisdom has narrowed the Democratic veepstakes to those two and Kathleen Sebelius. Kaine gets a lot of the DC attention, since he’s right there in Virginia, but there’s no reason Walsh should blow off Sebelius. Bayh would be a stupid choice.…

Lie back and enjoy it

Senator McCain is attacking Barack Obama with an ad claiming Obama is the world’s biggest political celebrity, on a par with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Others have noted that McCain is a bit of a celebrity himself, and, more importantly, the two blond starlets are not exactly at the top of today’s celebrity charts.…

Maureen Dowd, explained

I have never understood Maureen Dowd, neither why people read her, why she has a regular spot on the Times op-ed page, nor why she writes what she does. At last, The Editors explain it. And the explanation involves furries.


Two stories came up next to each other in my RSS reader. First, Jessica’s makeover, in which a caller discusses Jesse Helms and his crossdressing ways. Second, Jessica King joins the Luxurious Flowing Hair Club for Scientists. Coincidence?

Novak diagnosed with brain tumor

The pundit, famous for a profanity-laden exit from a CNN set in 2005, and for outing undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame in 2003, checked into a Boston hospital only days after running over a pedestrian in D.C. and insisting I didn?t know I hit anybody. In a statement, Novak explained: I will be suspending my…

Happy birthday to me!

137,252 People

Annals of blogging

There are 951 unread items in my RSS reader’s Science section. There are a whopping 10992 unread articles over all. They will not all get read.

Fact checkin’

The Washington Post checks McCain’s rhetoric about and the safety of offshore drilling: Sen. John McCain says at every campaign stop that offshore oil drilling is safe, playing down the risk of environmental accidents, even when faced with the power of a hurricane. “I’m aware that off the coast of Louisiana and Texas there are…

Unseat Phill Kline

After Phill Kline (the extra “L” is for “Loser”) lost his re-election bid as Kansas Attorney General, the Johnson County Republican Party installed him as district attorney. The move outraged voters, and Kline promised not to run for a full term. Turns out, Kline was just kidding. He is running for re-election, despite the drubbing…