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Doop-de-doo, killin’ time between sessions by checking the RSS feeds, and what do I find but Billy Dembski, the Heisenberg of cats, mouthing off on global warming. “So much for the ‘scientific consensus’ regarding man-made global warming,” the boy adventurer expounds. “As I recall, there?s another consensus in science?something in biology about how we got…

Science Education

A teacher at Netroots Nation asks what can be done to improve science education, and to get principles of science as a process back into classes within the NCLB framework. Gore responded briefly that it is “really harmful that science education? [has] been pushed out of the experience our children have in schools in order…

Deep thought

In 20 years, historians will try to figure out how global warming moved from an issue that scientists and wonks were alone in caring about. Nancy Pelosi began her prepared statement talking about her creation of a climate change committee in the House. At the Netroots Nation panel on space policy, and a DNC platform…

Al Gore

Al Gore just took the stage at Netroots Nation to talk about climate change. Awesome! Update: In an aside to the moderator, Pelosi whispered (thinking her mike was off) “It’s really exciting that he’s here.” Update:

Pelosi on abstinence-only

Asked at Netroots Nation, whether she’ll work to end abstinence-only sex ed, she answers “Yes.” They are “a poor and a bad policy,” and are “dangerous to the health of young women.” We need better sex ed. “We need more pro-choice members of Congress.”

“They’re tired of war”

Nancy Pelosi, speaking at Netroots Nation, says that the title quotation is what she hears in all her travels, wherever she talks to young folks here and abroad. “Words, not weaponry, are the tools of the new generation,” she says.

“Impeach Ron Paul”

Before the Netroots Nation panel with Nancy Pelosi, we got a chance to get all our protesting out of our systems. “Impeach Ron Paul” seemed to be the consensus.

Random NrN moments

On the way to Nancy Pelosi’s “Ask The Speaker” event at Netroots Nation, I rode the elevator with Congressman Brad Miller (D-NC). Apparently we’re staying on the same floor. I observed that he gets to ask Pelosi questions all the time, and he replied that he’d be sitting at the back, and anyway “I’m just…

Preserved for Posterity

Joy, of TelicThoughts, posted some gentle thoughts on PZ Myers, they were deleted due to “incompetence.” As a public service, the vile mess is below the fold:

Deep thought

Jim Slattery is awesome. Seeing him at Netroots Nation is even more awesome.