This Friday at 9, you have two thinks you can do. First, the first Presidential Debate. Unless John McCain chickens out gets lost in the Senate office he hasn’t seen in over 100 days is so befuddled that he forgets whether Mississippi rejoined the Union decides that he can’t both run for office and successfully govern. The debate begins at 8 Mississippi time (roughly a century behind the rest of the country), and will end when the viewers’ eyes are bleeding, roughly two hours later.

At which point, you can head over and get hammered by with Sciencebloggers. I’ll be joining Janet, Razib, Craig, and the Bleimen at Tonic, a bar owned and operated by the Bleiman brothers, and we’ll be celebrating?


Yes, the Scienceblogs mothership has asked us to honor you readers and commenters, and in particular, the author of the ONE MILLIONTH COMMENT! So show up on Friday at 9 pm at Tonic, 2360 Polk St, San Francisco, and get drunk with bloggers.

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