Obama hits back

There’s been a lot of ink spilled lately over John McCain’s vicious and dishonest robocalls. Sarah Palin criticized her own campaign for running them, and Joe Biden called them “scurrilous,” and calling on John McCain:

If he’s really serious when he said … that this election is all about the economy, then I say, John, stop your ads, bring down those robocalls. If it’s about the economy, argue about the economy. Not about Barack Obama’s character. Not about these scurrilous ads.

Up ’til now, the Obama campaign doesn’t seem to have run its own robocalls, though state parties have been running some on behalf of the campaign. That’s all changing, and the robocalls in Wisconsin feature a small business owner who switched her vote because of McCain’s dishonest and dishonorable campaign tactics:

Hi, this is Jeri Watermolen, calling for the Campaign for Change. I live in Green Bay and, like you, I’ve been getting sleazy phone calls and mail from John McCain and his supporters viciously — and falsely — attacking Barack Obama. I used to support John McCain because he honorably served our country — but this year he’s running a dishonorable campaign. We know McCain will continue many of Bush’s policies, and now he’s using George Bush’s divisive tactics. In fact, he hired the Bush strategists whose attacks even McCain once called hateful.

Barack Obama will turn the page on these negative politics and stand up for the middle class. That’s the change we need, and it’s why I have changed my mind about John McCain. Join me in voting for Barack Obama. Paid for the Campaign for Change, a project of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, 608-255-5172, and authorized by Obama for America.

America can do better. It is shameful and disappointing that John McCain doesn’t think he can win without running a sleazy, scurrilous, dishonest, and dishonorable campaign.


  1. #1 llewelly
    October 22, 2008

    Recently, one of John’s top advisers told the “Daily News” that if we keep talking about the economy, McCain’s going to lose. So, tonight I’d like to talk about the economy.

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