This Saturday, my NCSE colleague Peter Hess and I will be speaking with the skeptics in Seattle, talking about “‘The best preventive of the evils now most dreaded’: Defending evolution in a religious society.” We will speak about the threat creationist attacks on evolution education pose to our society, and about the ways in which religion can aid in the defense of science education. The talk will be at The Crystal Creek Cafe in Bothell, WA. For more information, check out the Society for Sensible Expectations website.

Then on Monday, I’ll be talking about “Creationist Attacks on Science Education: The Evolution of a Parasite” at the University of Washington’s Hitchcock Hall, room 132. It’s a fun talk, which I gave to great success at CSU Stanislaus a few weeks ago. A local reporter wrote that:

Between jokes he spoke plainly and simply, explaining common misconceptions regarding evolutionary theory. Rosenau compared creationist’s attempts to enter science education with the parasitic nature of snail flatworms.

“[Creationism] exploits the weaknesses in the public’s understanding of science for its own ends” said Rosenau.

Then, on Wednesday comes the big event. I’ll be on a panel with Gordy Slack, author of The Battle Over the Meaning of Everything, and Casey Luskin of the Disco. Inst. at Western Washington University, in Bellingham. It should be a lot of fun, and I look forward to meeting up with people at those events, or elsewhere while I’m in town. Leave a message in the comments if you’ve got suggestions.


  1. #1 Chris King
    October 26, 2008

    Thanks for the the talk I enjoyed it as did my spouse and friends!

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