Cabinet speculation

Rumors hold that Eric Holder is under consideration for Obama’s Attorney General. He would be the first black AG, and is exceptionally well-qualified for the job.

Hillary Clinton is rumored to be a top candidate for Secretary of State. This will be a grave disappointment to Sadly, No!, who boldly predicted that Louis Farrakhan would get that post, aided by Mumia Abu-Jamal as Secretary of Defense/Secretary of Kill Whitey. I suppose there’s still time for him to follow through on the original plan.

I will say that Clinton is an odd choice for Secretary of State. It isn’t clear how it really helps her, nor is it clear why she’s the best-qualified candidate. In no less than 8 years she’d be out of a job (probably less, given the average tenure of a Secretary of State), while her Senate seat is essentially a lifetime gig. She has no professional background in foreign affairs. She traveled abroad as First Lady and was involved in various things in that capacity, but nothing that really bears her stamp. She doesn’t sit on the Foreign Relations committee. She hasn’t demonstrated an interest in negotiating international treaties, or in other sorts of diplomacy. Plus, she has huge conflicts of interest via Bill Clinton.

This isn’t insurmountable, and I’m not averse to including her in the inner circle. I just don’t see what it buys anyone. I think Bill Richardson would be great in the job, and he’s got the experience in diplomacy and cutting strong deals with tough customers that we will need. He’s got the experience and the background also to stand toe-to-toe with Joe Biden on foreign policy. Hillary has the courage to do so, but not the wealth of experience.

The important question, though, is who will be running the massive Slavery Reparation Camps? Someone with good organizational skills will be crucial. As will people skills. Suggestions?


  1. #1 Shaden Freud
    November 18, 2008

    I thought Ludacris was going to be in charge of the camps….

  2. #2 Salad Is Slaughter
    November 19, 2008

    And who is going to be in charge of confiscating all the Bibles and replacing them with the Koran?

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