Via Brad Delong, an epigraph I may have to use in my dissertation:

The time has come, [my] doctrines have been verified, the sufferings [of the people] have taken place; and, therefore, here is the book. The scoffings, the scornings, the abuse, the reviling, the horrible calumnies and the base persecutions which this book and other efforts of a similar kind brought upon me, and the briefest notice of each instance of which would fill fifty volumes more bulky than this, are now amply avenged by the joy that I feel at that which I know behold, and which can no longer be hidden from even the blindest and most besotted of the people…

By William Cobbett (1834), Paper Against Gold, or, The History and the Mystery of the Bank of England (John Doyle: http://tinyurl.com/dl20090130a).


  1. #1 claude lambert
    February 3, 2009

    That is funny, but you should keep it for the next PhD (or book), something entitled “The sociology (or rather sociopathy) of Creationism”

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