Texas vignette

Barbara Cargill is amending 3rd grad standards to alter the list of objects students must use to understand how pushing and pulling changes an object’s position. Much discussion between Cargill, Chairman Don McLeroy, and reputed Sarah Palin lookalike Terri Leo about how and when children are to play with balls.

Folks are feeling punchy, so juvenile jokes abound.


  1. #1 Rich
    March 26, 2009

    I just heard the creationists lost. Great job – and thanks!

  2. #2 Joe Lapp
    March 26, 2009

    No, the creationists are winning. Yes, “strengths and weaknesses” was struck out, but it’s been replaced by worse language, and it appears that more is still being added today.

    After seeing Agosto’s voting strategy today, I’m inclined to think we’ll lose tomorrow. I see them rubber-stamping today with no discussion.

    NCSE and TFN, I fear that you may have made it hard to fix the problem by equating removal of “weaknesses” with winning in so many people’s minds.

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