Shorter David Klinghoffer:


i-e12a72744a2ff34e6f9418eb77c821bb-200907240924.jpgSlightly longer Klinghoffer:

Why are people whose views I misrepresent and for whom I have invented a derogatory name so unpleasant to me? Damned deadbeats. Also, academia is the only field of endeavor where people are jerks. The world of business is filled with ambrosia and brotherly love.

Bonus flashback Klinghoffer:

Sure I said “Hitler understood something about Judaism that even many Jews today don’t grasp,” added that “Hitler’s insight into Judaism [is] … a profound theme in rabbinic literature,” and praised Hitler’s “fascination with and knowledge of Judaism.” But I never said “Hitler was right about the Jews.” Therefore evolution is wrong.

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