On counting

Martin Cothran – fellow traveler with the Disco. ‘Tute, shill for James Dobson’s crew, and generally unpleasant person – thinks the dissent of 162 members of American Physical Society disproves a scientific consensus. Alas for Cothran, the APS has 47,189 members, so the dissent of 162 hardly undermines a claim of consensus.

Bonus shorter Martin Cothran – A sad story:

Guilt by association is wrong. It might lead you to criticize someone for endorsing the racist, eugenic arguments of racist eugenicists, or to criticize an event promoting sexual health and safety for being sponsored by a group which sells novelty handcuffs.

Deep Thought: If owning soft pink bondage restraints is considered abuse, is getting handcuffed a form of police brutality?

A clarification: The UKY Safe Sex Week was not named after KY Jelly.

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