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We truly are ruled by the worst in society. Proposition 13, the supermajority requirement for tax increases, and the state’s inane proposition system more generally, are destroying California. But what can you do about it?:

Backers of an overhaul of California’s government, who hope to leverage disgust with Sacramento into support for changing how the state raises taxes and spends money, have a difficult path ahead, according to a new poll of California voters.

Major segments of the electorate see the state’s problems as the product of unrestrained lawmakers driven by special interests to waste taxpayer money, and reject arguments that structural issues with the state’s Constitution and government institutions are to blame.

Voters don’t want the tax code overhauled in the ways that many fiscal experts promise would tamp down the wild revenue swings that have led to a constant state of budget crisis in California. They don’t want the Constitution changed to allow a simple majority of lawmakers to push a budget onto the governor’s desk, as most other large states allow. And they don’t want the state to touch Proposition 13 property tax restrictions, even if residential property taxes would remain strictly limited.

It’s a wonder even Jerry Brown wants the job of running this mess.


  1. #1 Free Man
    November 24, 2009

    HMMMM. That is interesting. A liberal protesting a tax increase? I have never heard of that before. I figured you wouldn’t be happy until the government got 100% of your income, put a mind control chip into you and made you work for the welfare office on weekends.

    I guess I finally found that one in a trillion liberals that actually protests the government stealing hsi hard earned (in some cases) money.

    I guess you know how I feel about the 33 percent of my income that is stolen from me every week. If it goes any higher, I will consider buying out my state and forming my own damned country. The damned government don’t know when to stop growing.

  2. #2 Josh Rosenau
    November 28, 2009

    Free Man: You misunderstand. I want the government to have the ability to raise taxes so that it can actually pay for the valuable and necessary services it provides. Prop. 13 makes that impossible. We’re ruled by the buffoonish 1/3 of the legislature that would rather burn the state down for insurance money than actually keep California strong.

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