Dear world

Just back from Egypt, and still not ready for craziness. So please no one steal a lot of emails from climate scientists and try to dishonestly present a few snippets from them as evidence of a global conspiracy, OK?

Also, could everyone stop blogging for a day or two, just until I catch up? Thanks.


  1. #1 FtK
    November 25, 2009

    LMAO…I can’t wait to hear your spin on Climategate. Get out the blender boy!

  2. #2 David Estlund
    November 26, 2009

    This thing has legs and it’s getting ridiculous. I have Facebook friends sending me op-eds from the Wall Street Journal that they believe prove all of climate science is a fraud. I know a lot about evolutionary biology, but very little about climate change, and I’m certain I’m going to get dragged into any number of arguments about this. I look forward to a lot of debunking (although I haven’t seen a clear picture of what scientists are supposed to debunk: something about deleted emails, using different sets of data to make other data sets make sense, and tax fraud). By the way, I probably know a lot about evolution thanks to NCSE. Thank you.

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