Yes, Virginia, there really are YECs

Max Lampenfeld of Lehigh Township is upset. The Allentown, PA Morning Call had an illustration referencing the Big Bang, and Max won’t take that lying down:

The disturbing part of the article is the way the ”Big Bang” is presented as fact, when it is only a theory and cannot be proven, at least not yet.

Forget about ”In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” — what really happened was, there was this Big Bang!

Mr. Lampenfeld notes that the paper recently re-ran the famous “Yes, Virginia” letter, and concludes by summarizing the entire conflict:

Evolution, global warming, and the Big Bang — I think I’ll put my money on God and Santa Claus!

So long as people like Mr. Lampenfeld keep putting money behind science denial, this fight won’t go away.

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